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A grand capping ceremony of Ferrotec(Jiangsu)Power Semiconductor Research Institute was held

    On the occasion of golden osmanthus fragrance and cool autumn wind, Jiangsu fulehua Power Semiconductor Research Institute Co., Ltd. held a grand capping ceremony.


    Bao Yu, chairman of Dongtai Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, Qiu Haitao, Secretary of the Party group of Dongtai Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, sun Yanchun, director of the United Front Work Department of Dongtai Municipal Committee, Xu Yue, deputy director of Dongtai Municipal People's Congress, Cui Hengrong, vice mayor of Dongtai Municipal People's government, Chen Lijun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dongtai high tech Industrial Development Zone and other leaders of various government departments were invited to attend, He Xianhan, President of Ferrotec (China), chairman of the board of directors, Jiangsu fuluode Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Enrong, general manager of Jiangsu fuluohua Power Semiconductor Research Institute Co., Ltd., Chen Lihua, chairman of Jiangsu jinhuayu Construction Co., Ltd., Jiangsu fuluode Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd More than 180 employees including Jiangsu fulehua Power Semiconductor Research Institute witnessed this exciting moment.


    The capping ceremony was presided over by Vice Mayor Cui Hengrong. He introduced to you: in this beautiful season of fruitful and full harvest, we gathered in Dongtai high tech Zone to witness the capping of fulehua power semiconductor research institute project. The completion of the project is not only the rich fruit of fuluode group aiming at power semiconductor devices and tackling the key technology of "neck", but also the active exploration of "political schools, colleges and enterprises" to build a high-level new R & D institution, but also the vivid practice of implementing the innovation driven development strategy and adhering to the goal of "strengthening the city by industry", It will certainly inject a booster and stimulate new vitality into the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in our city.


    In his speech, president he first extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the guests and employee representatives of the company on behalf of fuluohua company, and reiterated that in the past three years, thanks to the policy support of Dongtai municipal government and high tech Zone, the company has made great progress in scientific research and development, technological innovation and talent training. Jiangsu fulehua power semiconductor research institute is a new R & D institution led by Jiangsu fulede Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. and established jointly with the Institute of silicate, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University and University of Electronic Science and technology. The newly added land of the project is 31.2 mu, with a construction area of 30168 square meters. Build material structure and failure analysis laboratory, packaging structure design and simulation laboratory, advanced connection technology laboratory and analysis and testing center, and purchase advanced detection, analysis and testing and experimental equipment such as high-resolution field emission SEM, multifunctional argon ion etching, infrared Fourier spectrometer, electronic ceramic tape casting machine, magnetron sputtering machine and ultraviolet lithography machine. The project integrates technical design, R & D and trial production of power semiconductor products, carries industrialization projects and industrial cooperation, serves relevant leading industries, and carries out relevant test platform and trial production business.


    Chen Lijun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dongtai high tech Industrial Development Zone, said in her speech,In this harvest season of "autumn high and abundant things", we witnessed the capping ceremony of fuluohua power semiconductor research institute project, which is fuluode group's mission of "striving to be an example, striving to be a demonstration and walking in the forefront", fully implemented the strategic goal of "three new business cards of Dongtai" of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and contributed to the construction of "green land and ecological health city" Another solid step on the new journey of modernization. "Concentric planting Wutong tree, sincerity brings Phoenix habitat", this is the spirit of an ingenuity enterprise. Through "nesting Phoenix", it creates conditions, talents, strong support and development for Dongtai semiconductor industry. With the full support and concern of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and relevant departments, and closely adhering to the construction requirements of the "five month new normal", the high tech Zone has established special, special classes and special services to jointly promote scientific and technological innovation, complement each other, conspire to make breakthroughs, make concerted efforts to make overall progress, achieve the capping in less than 80 days, and break through the new normal with high standards. Adhering to the concept of joint construction of "government, enterprise, University and research", the company has carried out in-depth cooperation with Silicate Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University and other units. The completion of the project will drive the development of power semiconductor, new materials and other related industries and effectively promote the formation of vertical layout of industrial chain. At the same time, by vigorously cultivating design and application prototypes, systems, software and hardware products, highlighting the driving force of science and innovation, realizing the reconstruction of enterprise kinetic energy, constructing the innovation ecology of industrial clusters, improving the hard core strength of semiconductor materials and chip manufacturing in our city, and contributing science and technology supply to the high-level construction of Jiangsu coastal electronic information industry characteristic base.

    Scientific and technological research and development of the semiconductor industry is the "lifeline" of high-quality development. Fuluode Group actively carries out innovative project research and development, research on cutting-edge technologies and service scenarios, and integration of industry, University and research, constantly meets the needs of the development of new economy and new business forms, promotes the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and stores sufficient kinetic energy for the development of the semiconductor industry in our region. The majority of Party members and cadres in our district will seize the opportunity of the "two in two" construction of new achievements, constantly consolidate the thinking of "industry-oriented and project-oriented", as always, provide enterprises with fast, high-quality and efficient services in terms of business environment and resource elements, compact responsibilities, escort the development of enterprises, and turn the "tangible hand" into "emotional hand".


    Finally, the leaders and guests on the stage jointly sprinkled gold sand on the capping display board of the Research Institute, announcing the successful capping of the fulehua power semiconductor research institute project and pushing the ceremony to a climax. This also indicates that the fuluohua project cluster has made a firm and solid step towards the goal. I believe that with the care and support of leaders at all levels in Dongtai City and the wise leadership of chairman he Xianhan, it will continue to make new achievements and create new brilliance!